Tingy Sparkles Infinity Scarf
~ free crochet pattern ~

My dear friend had asked for an infinity scarf and so I came up with this pattern which gives a little bit of texture to the scarf. I went to Michaels to shop for yarn and found the perfect one – the #IsaacMizrahi Craft Carlyle Yarn in Pierre. I believe it is sold exclusively at Michaels. This yarn is white & gray in color, with a bit of sparkle, shimmer and shine! You can find this yarn HERE at Michaels for $6.99.

Tingy Sparkles Infinity Scarf - free crochet pattern by DORIYUMI

This is a fairly simple pattern using DC and CRDC and should be well suited for an advanced beginner 🙂 You can easily adjust the width of the scarf by adding/subtracting beginning chains or adding/subtracting rows for the length. Wear it as a traditional scarf or whip stitch the ends together for an infinity scarf.

Here’s a close up of the sparkles, shimmer and shine! Click the bubble to enlarge the photo.

If you do happen to crochet this, please share your finished project photos with me! I really love to see your creations from my patterns 🙂


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ch = chain
dc = double crochet
crdc = crossed double crochet
st(s) = stitch(es)
rep = repeat
* – * = repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed


CRDC = Crossed Double Crochet

The CRDC is worked over two stitches. To begin, skip next stitch, dc into next stitch, dc in skipped stitch – 1 CRDC made!

crdc crochet stitch doriyumi

  1. To begin the CRDC stitch, YO (yarn over)
  2. Skip next stitch, insert hook in next stitch
  3. Pull up a loop and complete a DC
  4. You can see the completed DC with an unworked stitch on the right
  5. YO, insert hook in the skipped stitch to the right and complete a DC – one CRDC made!


Start with ch 20.

Row 1: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, ch 3, turn.

Row 2: 1 dc in each st across, ch 3, turn.

Row 3: Repeat row 2.

Row 4: Skip first st. Insert your hook in next st and dc in same st. Going back to your skipped st, 1 dc in that skipped st. This makes 1 crdc stitch. *Skip next st, dc in next st (the st following the skipped st), dc in skipped st*, repeat from * – * until you have a total of 8 crdc stitches. 1 dc in remaining st, ch 3, turn.

Row 5: Repeat row 5.

Row 6: 1 dc in each st across, ch 3, turn.

Rows 7 – 8: Repeat row 6.

Rows 9 – 10: Repeat row 4.

Continue this pattern of repeating Row 6 a total of 3 times, Row 4 a total of 2 times until you reach your desired length. In other words, you are making 3 rows of DCs and 2 rows of CRDCs. End the scarf with the CRDC stitch so it matches up with the beginning rows of DC.

I used just a little over 2 skeins of the yarn stated above and my scarf measured at approx. 60″. It wraps around my neck twice.

Enjoy! ♥


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