Pippa the Penguin

Pippa the Penguin - Crochet Pattern by Doriyumi

Pippa the Penguin

This penguin was requested by my little one for an activity in school. He plays a game called ‘The Brown Bag’ and needed to bring something black in color. The kids have to guess what’s inside the brown bag with the 3 clues written on the bag. And so he thought of a penguin and kindly asked me to “make a penguin with your yarn please”. Penguins are one of my favorite animals, so I said yes, of course! He picked out the colors from the yarn box and specifically wanted yellow for the beak and orange for the feet.

When the penguin was done, we wrote out 3 clues for the brown bag game. They are pretty easy clues for a preschooler, I think…?

Clue #1: I can swim
Clue #2: I am a bird
Clue #3: I have flippers

That was an easy guess, wasn’t it?

Pattern level: Easy

You will need:

  • Crochet hooks G/4.0mm
  • Safety eyes
  • Yarn needle
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Stitch marker
  • #4 medium worsted weight yarn (the exact yarn brand(s) & color(s) are specified in the pattern)


  • Penguin measures approx. 5” height x 4.75″ width.


  • This crochet pattern is in PDF format (7 pages, < 1 MB in file size) and includes clearly written instructions, progress photos and stitch count for every round.
  • Doriyumi patterns are always written using standard U.S. crochet terminology. An abbreviation chart in U.S. versus U.K./Canada terminology is included in the pattern for your reference.

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