Over the hills and far away…3 little ghosts play peekaBOO! Just wanted to share something I made today in this quick blog post – peekaBOO ghosts! I love to decorate my home with seasonal items especially Halloween and Christmas. Now there are many cute decors out there in the stores, but isn’t it much more fun when you can create your own masterpiece?


Here’s one decor item I made that is currently sitting on my TV stand. What do you think?

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Mr. Spidey Skinny Legs
~ free crochet pattern ~

Halloween is fast approaching and I am quite behind on finishing up my halloween-themed amigurumi. Today, I worked on a spider named Mr. Spidey Skinny Legs – because he has very skinny legs! I wanted to make a few spiders that are quick to crochet and this was perfect. This is a super simple & beginner-friendly pattern that can be finished in no time (should take no more than an hour)! Ready to make some Halloween decor with this free crochet pattern?

mr. spidey skinny legs - free crochet pattern by DORIYUMI

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