The Hoppy Easter Appliqués
~ new crochet pattern ~

Easter is way early this year – April 1st! If you’re looking for some quick and fun Easter crochet projects, these may be for you! These fun Little Holiday Appliqués are worked in the round, similar to the form of amigurumi and can be stuffed with fiberfill to create a 3D/puffy appliqué or flattened!

You may want to stuff it if you plan to hang them as a keychain on a bag or give to children as a small plush toy. You may also flatten the appliqués to sew on Easter baskets, blankets or hats!

Little Holiday Appliqués Hoppy Easter crochet pattern by

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The Cat in the Hat Amigurumi
~ free crochet pattern ~

This Cat in the Hat amigurumi was created for my little one, who went to see the Cat in the Hat puppet show at a children’s theatre. He brought the cat with him and my husband took photos to show me how he was hugging the cat while watching the show. It is such a good feeling to know someone cherishes your handmade gift, isn’t it? The Cat in the Hat now sits at home with our many Dr. Seuss books.

cat in the hat crochet pattern by

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Mardi Gras Mask for Kids
~ free crochet pattern ~

Mardi Gras is Tuesday, and believe it or not, this is the first Mardi Gras project I’ve ever made with my kiddos. We don’t really celebrate Mardi Gras, but thought it would be fun for the kiddos to learn about this holiday and have fun dancing around with their masks.

We browsed through photos of Mardi Gras celebrations on the internet and learned that the holiday signifies the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual fasting for Lent. We also studied the three main colors and what it represents. Purple symbolizes Justice. Gold symbolizes Power. Green symbolizes Faith. Then, it was time to crochet the masks! The two of them picked out the colors from my yarn box and I started hooking!

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Clio the Corgi // New Crochet Pattern!

Can you believe January is already over? Happy February! That means it’s Lunar New Year time, February 16th, to be exact. It is also the Year of the Dog for 2018. Hence, Clio was born! I love Corgis and since it’s Year of the Dog, of course I had to make him the Chinese New Year (CNY) crochet dog!

Clio is worked from his feet up. You will crochet the little parts such as the tail, forelegs and ears first, then move on to the legs, body and head. The little parts are then attached to the body as you go. That way, you aren’t sewing a bunch of parts at the end. The legs, body and head are worked in one-piece! Less sewing is always better, isn’t it?

Clio the Corgi // // crochet pattern

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Happy Thanksgiving // Cyber Week Sale!

It’s that time of year again! Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. May there be lots of yummy food and yarn. What are your plans for Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? As always, Black Friday shopping at the stores are a no-go for me. I would much rather shop the sale comfortably at home with my PJs on! It’s also the perfect time to shop for patterns you’ve been eyeing on at a deep discount! *wink-wink* 😉

Ready to shop? Read below for details.

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FabBOOlous the Ghost
~ free crochet pattern ~

I just realized Halloween is less than one week away! So here I am trying to sneak in one pattern before this fun holiday ends.  Say hi to FabBOOlous, the ghost! FabBOOlous is a friendly ghost who loves to go trick-or-treating, just like the kiddos. He only comes out to play during October, so bring him everywhere this month!

FabBOOlous is a super quick & easy crochet pattern. There is no sewing! The arms are crocheted along the way to make it easier (and less annoying – I really don’t enjoy sewing in the little parts when doing amigurumi). As for yarn, use any cheap yarn you can find or have on hand. You will only need one color (white), obviously, safety eyes, piece of thread for the mouth and some fiberfill stuffing.

FabBOOlous the ghost - Free Crochet Pattern by Doriyumi

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